We know how important it is to make sure your business IT is secure, there are more theats in the world now than ever. Your business may not outwardly appear to be target for these threats, but it is better to have protection in place and ward off these attacks than try to repair the damage once it is done. We offer both hardware and software solutions to ensure your business is protected at all times, and work with you to keep active against such threats, such as group policies to disable USB ports on workstations. An innocent task such as taking some work home on a personal USB memory stick could bring your server down with a virus, not all attacks are malicious and intended.

We are part of the intel McAfee Security initiative that is at the forefront of developments against modern cyber attacks. We are proud to partner with 2 world leaders to be able to offer our customers up to the minute solutions to ensure your business is well protected against modern threats.

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