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Pro-Active Monitoring

We don't believe in sitting back and waiting for problems to occur, let us go find them before they happen! We utilize network tools to monitor your server, workstations and network to ensure all is running smoothly. We then create alerts based on your average usage that let us know when things are not quite right. This enables us to act just before a disaster occurs, which we don't want!

We use network monitoring tools such as Spiceworks to keep a close eye on an issues that might be cropping up, so we can then advise you on the correct remedy for a slow PC, or a network not running at full speed. Why wait for an incident when you can rely on us to watch out for your business IT.

Monthly Support Report

As part of our pro-active approach we will compile a monthly report to send to you, not just on the support calls you have requested that month but a breakdown of the results we have found from the monitoring, and our advice on any changes you may consider in the short, medium and long term.

These reports are no War and Peace, they are easily digested, jargon and waffle free and breakdown any calls, email or support tickets you have opened during that period. It will include details of who submitted calls/emails and all relevant details to your IT support agreement, so you can see it is the right level of support for your business.