Here at Serene IT we offer a range of services built around assuring your IT is covered. We want you to feel that no matter what the circumstances you can continue about your business day knowing that we are looking after your IT, so you can concentrate on your business. Lost productivity due to IT can cost the business time and money, we want to ensure that doesn't happen. With our Support Agreement Services your can rest knowing we are looking after your IT.

We understand that from dawn until dusk IT plays a big part in your company, from solicitors, accountants, hairdressers and window cleaners, IT has touched all industries across the globe. But what happens when your IT fails? Do you reach for Google, hoping that someone can be on hand quickly? Or have you already got IT support in place, but it's not quite growing as your business is. Serene IT offer a range of services that we can build into your service plan, with no restrictions on how often you can call us into action. In fact, we prefer you call us when you want to, as tasks put off can lead to bigger problems, so use us as much as you need! 

We want to look after your "IT Day", so from your smartphone, tablets, PCs and laptops, servers and data storage, printers and routers, we want you to know everything is covered. We operate a 24/7 policy, we don't want you to worry about any out of hours costs that stop you from phoning us, and we are so confident that we can help that any out of hours call is FREE for the first hour! If you need us we are there!

Serene IT is not just about the services we offer, we want to become part of your team, for you to think of us as an extension of your workplace. We understand that your primary business isn't IT, so we send you a report once a month in terms you understand, highlighting what support calls you have had, and any suggestions we have made moving forward, all in a hassle free, jargon avoiding email.

We tailor our services to you, as no 2 businesses are the same. So the services you see here are just a small part of what we do. Why don't you give us a call now and have a chat to one of our friendly consultants, who are happy to discuss your needs, not what we think you should have, but what you actually need from your IT support provider.

We can tailor a support plan to your business, give one of our consultants a call or email now to discuss your requirements:

Telephone: 02921 25 55 25


Or complete the form on the contact page and one of our consultants will call you!