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It is vital to any business that your data is securely backed up. Should the disaster occur and we have to rebuild your server we need to know your important files are there ready to go again the minute we have you back up and running. We utilize several software and hardware solutions to ensure this is the case, even with modern advancements in technology the disaster scenario is one all businesses face at some point. We will implement an effective backup strategy to ensure that any vital data, emails, company documents, are stored safely, ready for the worst.

We work with several software and hardware providers that can offer new technologies to ensure no matter what your IT setup we can offer the right backup solution to cover your needs. Cloud backup is increasingly becoming an option for businesses, check out our Cloud Solutions section above, or click here.


Once we have an effective backup strategy in place the next thing we need to draw up a plan for is recovery. We will work with you in drawing up a disaster recovery plan within 2 weeks of you agreeing a support agreement with us. That will include how we are going to implement any backup, or any changes to a current backup, strategy, and the devise and test a disaster recovery plan. If your server goes down, how quickly can we get it back up and running? If you internet line goes down how will you work? If there is a fire in the building are we covered? We can discuss these details in depth with you and draw up a plan so we know no matter what the situation your business is covered.

This includes damage to hardware, malicious damage, data loss and critical system outage. We want you to feel no matter what happens your vital systems are covered. We work with hardware and software companies to ensure we can get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Disaster recovey is included in every support agreement as standard.