The days of having a room full of servers running your business is over. With the advancements in modern virtualization you can now run multiple virtual servers from a single physical server.

You can benefit from investing in a server that supports virtualization, the initial investment will mean you can run several servers, including your DC (Domain Controller), Exchange email server, print server and so on. It also reduces your power requirements, space requirements, increased uptime for your servers and improved disaster recovery as you are backing up all your servers from a central server rather than several different servers.

Migrating to a virtual platform is straight forward. We take images of your current servers, build virtual servers based on the specifcations required, and the move the images of your old servers into the new hardware. It really is that simple.

There are many different vitual platforms out there, VMWare, Virtualbox and Microsoft's Hyper-V, each have different benefits, but our Microsoft experts will of course favour Hyper-V.

Hyper -V is very scaleable for small business, creating a new virtual server takes no time at all. This can be done on a physical server based in your office, or on a cloud based server, both with different requirements and different budget costs. We can discuss this will you and plan your transition to working with virtual machines seamlessly.

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