There are times when we can be called upon to consult on a larger project, outside of your standard support agreement. This might be a cloud project, an IT refresh, or a project linked with progression within your business. We can call upon years of experience, as well as constant learning and keeping up to speed with developments and advancements in technology.

Consultancy projects involve a planning and implementation stage, which we will discuss with you every step of the way to ensure minimal disruption to your business and, if the budget allows, we can also undertake weekend and out of hours work to ensure the project runs smoothly.

Our trained consultants will work with you on planning, budget requirements, developments and research into your proposed project. We work with many different partners to ensure we can get you access to the latest technologies when researching your requirements.

Some of the sections here in Consultancy are projects we work on frequently, and are up and coming technologies to help you business work smoothly and more efficiently.

Project Management

1. Assess - Evaluate past, present and future requirements

2. Plan - Develop technical and schedule roadmaps.

3. Enact - Execute and drive the plan.

4. Manage - Deliver ongoing support to the project.

If you have an upcoming project, or thinking about a change of direction for your IT, give us a call, email, or fill in the contact form below.

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