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Disaster Recovery

We know that at some point a disaster will occur, you walk into the office and the server has died, or your PC won't turn on. That is why in the first 2 weeks of your support agreement we will sit down with you to draw up a disaster recovery plan. This is vital to our working relationship, we need you to know if the worst happens you are covered. And for us we want a plan that if you need to call us at 3am we are ready.

Part of the disaster plan is ensuring your have an effective backup strategy in place, the most important part of any disaster recovery plan is ensuring your vital data is backed up and duplicates, whether that is physical or cloud based, we will be able to access you backups quickly so we can start rebuilding.

We have several options for backing up your data, and will work with you to find the one that suits your business best. It may be easier and more cost effective to back up to a local external hard drive, or you may feel your data is more secure on a cloud server.

We will put in place SLAs for a disaster, your business may be able to continue without a particular PC or server for a day, or your may require an immediate fix, all this will be considered when drawing up your personalized disaster recovery plan.

We will document the plan, ensuring you fully understand what would happen in the worst case scenario, who to contact in an emergency and what you can expect from us when we need to spring into action.

If we do not currently support your IT what will you do in a disaster?

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