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Cloud Solutions

Modern computing is increasingly moving towards the cloud, from SharePoint to hosted email and Office 365, there are now viable platforms for moving your business IT into the cloud. A virtual server that can offer 99% uptime, performing the same task as your physical server and more. Hosted email with Office 365 or a 3rd party provider can offer performance above and beyond Exchange hosted locally, and the benefits of always on, always available email to modern business means your employees can work more efficiently, and in a disaster scenario your data is safe, in the cloud.

Cloud Backup and Recovery

Backing up to the cloud is backing up your computer data offsite to a secured datacenter. There are many solutions available on the market and all with various pricing structures as well as differences with regards to the recovery element.

The recovery options available depend on the computer network in use, and depend on the solutions available. Solutions are broad, a simple flat file backup offsite is the common basic solution, up to a complete replica of your system offsite as well as the ability to instantly fail-over, comprehensive solutions.

Costs for the service vary. Every client has their own requirements and expectations for offsite cloud backup and recovery, which there are some large differences in cost, however these costs are justifiable. If your business is unable to function, you're paying wages for staff who cannot work and then you're no doubt not meeting your requirements to your own customers. Every aspect of IT that Serene IT provides is to ensure that any investment is justified and ensures a dependable system that is fit for purpose.

Cloud Storage

This is a defined space for storing your day-to-day data in the cloud. There are many platforms for this, such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and many more. Each one is different and many utilize different technologies to store your data.

There are many benefits of cloud storage, such as:

* Can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

* Collaboration with other users via an online platform.

* Increased security in the majority of cases as you can not physically lose or break any media.

* Most cloud storage solutions automate the process of which your files are transferred to the cloud.

* Available cross platform from PC to Mac, Windows Mobile to Apple iOS.

Each provider has different terms and conditions, so if you have sensitive data that has particular requirements then talk to us about finding you the correct provider.

The cost of each platform depends on the volume of data you intend on storing in the cloud. Each offer a free amount for you to test the suitability, which you then increase for a monthly cost.

Hosted Email

There are many different forms of hosted email on the market today, the ones you have probably heard of, like Gmail or Yahoo, as well as many others. These are classed as hosted email, although most are unsuitable for business use. Many business providers use a POP/IMAP system to offer a low cost version of hosted email, but this has limitations. POP/IMAP is what is called a pull service, your PC, phone or tablet "pulls" the data in every 15 minutes, so you may have an email in between these pulls and not know about it. This is fine for low email use business, but does that exist nowadays?

Another option is Microsoft hosted Exchange. This is the preferred method for business use, both for cloud hosted and a physical server email. The Exchange platform gives you a wider range of controls for your email, and integrates better with shared calendars, contacts and tasks. These can then be synchronized across multiple devices, maintaining the look of your desktop based email client. The main difference between POP/IMAP and Exchange is the way your mail is delivered, instead of the "pull" system utilized by POP/IMAP, exchange uses "push" email, so as soon as the main is delivered to your inbox it will appear on any devices you have the account on. This also syncs across all devices, so if you delete an email from Outlook, it would also delete from your phone or tablet at the same time.

Of course the Exchange platform is a little more expensive than a POP/IMAP platform, and here at Serene IT we are believers in only paying for the IT you require. So we can discuss the pros and cons of both platforms before migrating you email to the cloud.

If you are thinking about moving your business to a cloud platform speak with one of our Microsoft Experts, we can advise and build a plan for your new

cloud-based IT.

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