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On-Site Support


There are some tasks we can't complete remotely, so we require a site visit. As part of your support agreement you have as many site visits per month as required, we feel this makes you and your business worry less about your IT, because you know no matter what it is covered. One monthly payment means no matter what happens, if we need to visit or a remote session, your agreement means everything is taken care of.


Sometimes we need to replace hardware, or setup new hardware, so this can only be done by arranging with you a good time to visit your business. We will of course drink your coffee and eat your biscuits, and while we are there completing the task we tend to check with in everyone, because your staff are the people using your IT day in, day out, so if there is anyone who will notice something that needs changing it is them. We love working with your staff to build a picture of your "IT Day", and as an extension of your team we want to feel we understand your requirements. So while we are visiting to install the new router or change a hard drive we always take 5 minutes to chat with staff about how they feel your IT is performing.


As mentioned, these visits are part of your support agreement, so rest easy knowing that a call for us to visit your site isn't going to cost you anymore, apart from a biscuit or two!

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